Volvo genuine parts 2017

Director Brendan Walsh brought this year’s Volvo campaign to the next level, using rain towers in the mountains, paddleboards on the Long Island Sound, and an Ultimate Arm to capture the Volvo XC90 cruising through the winding roads of Upstate New York.


road trip


unexpected moments




service by volvo 2016

Volvo and Mindshare tasked us to create a series of online videos showcasing the Service by Volvo and Volvo Genuine Parts programs. The campaign consists of six spots that we produced and edited. Volvo was so thrilled with the work that the content will air as TV commercials in February.

SERVICE BY VOLVO Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You introduces Service by Volvo, a unique approach to service that's personal and efficient, making life less complicated.


Expecting demonstrates the capabilities of the XC90's unique safety systems that work together to keep you and your loved ones safe. 


Mr. Efficient showcases the durability and longevity of Volvo Genuine Parts. Fewer trips to the shop means more time on the road.