Stash slionski | DIRECTOR·DP


Stash is an L.A. based, Emmy Award winning director and filmmaker. As a native New Yorker, Slionski honed his style in the arduous, fast-paced world of live network television shooting for the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Gravity Games, Wimbledon, the Olympics and many others.

Building a solid reputation while working in the commercial and music industry has given Stash the opportunity to collaborate alongside icons like Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Bruce Springsteen and U2. Stash’s knowledge of new media like VR and branded social content on iPhones has placed him at the forefront of our evolving industry. He’s also worked for brands like Volvo, Land Rover, Nissan, Edmunds, David Jones, Chivas, Esquire and HBO.

Stash’s dedication to socio/eco/environmental causes has taken him all over the world, shooting in some of the most challenging and remote locations like Mt. Everest, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Haiti. His ability to earn trust and build relationships in often tightly-knit, multicultural communities, makes him a universal storyteller.